Who knew that things could go so bad so fast.  

The Oklahoma football team found that out last year when they were hit with a wave of season-ending injuries that spelled doom for an otherwise promising season.

Coming off of a letdown season themselves, the OU men's basketball now finds themselves in a massive heap of trouble.  Right now, the 2010-2011 Sooners consist of a maximum of 10 players, including three incoming freshmen.  

Remember when Oklahoma was one game away from the Final Four only two seasons ago?  Yes, they had Blake Griffin, but still.  No one could have predicted a fall out like this, especially in this short of time.

Gone from the 2009-2010 are the seniors, Tony Crocker, Beau Gerber, and Ryan Wright.  Gone to the NBA draft are Willie Warren, Tiny Gallon, and Tommy Mason-Griffin, the triumvirate of McDonald's All-Americans that coach Jeff Capel had brought in over the past two years.  Also gone are Ray Willis, who is transferring, and Orlando Allen, who is leaving the team to care for his family.

Capel doesn't seem overtly concerned and certainly not as much as many fans feel he should be.  He is left with a proven leader in Cade Davis, a couple of inconsistent and inexperienced guards, and two undersized big men.  

The Sooners do have some solid talent coming into the program, but none of them really address the biggest need of the team, which right now is size.  

This could be a make or break year for Capel as a coach.  A disastrous season could lead to fans calling for his job, while a fairly successful year could save it for a few more years.  

Only time will tell.  One thing is for sure though.  Anything great out of this team will be a very pleasant surprise.