The obvious reaction to Oklahoma's loss to Missouri on Saturday would be to count the Sooners out of national title conversations and claim the 2010 season is officially over and a failure.  

Hold your horses everyone.  This season is so far from over.

Oklahoma's 36-27 loss to the Missouri Tigers on Saturday night in Columbia certainly dealt a near fatal blow to the Sooners' national title hopes, but it by no means ended Oklahoma's season.  

The possibility for a seventh Big 12 championship is still well within reach as the Sooners sit tied for second place in the Big 12 South with Oklahoma State at 2-1 in conference.  The South is being led surprisingly by the Baylor Bear who sit at 3-1 in conference play.  

Not only is there a high possibility of a Big 12 championship, but history has proven that anything can happen over the course of a 12 game, college football season.  See 2007 for a great example.

The goal for every team the caliber of Oklahoma is to get to the national championship game and win.  That goal can't change for the Sooners.  

The mentality has to be there in order for the Sooners to push through these remaining five games with the highest level of play possible.  Any drop in focus or thoughts that the season is over will spell doom for Oklahoma and then the season really WILL be over.  

Granted, the likelihood of all the pieces falling in the right spots for Oklahoma to get to Glendale and the national championship game is very slim.  However, that isn't the point at all.  

One loss doesn't destroy a season.  One loss doesn't make it a lost cause.  One loss simply sets a team back from where they wanted to be and teaches them things on which they can improve.  

The season is 12 games and Oklahoma has only been through seven of them.  With five games left on the schedule, there is still so much that the Sooners' can accomplish.  Plus, by winning all of their remaining games and possibly the Big 12 championship, they keep themselves in a prime position should everything in the college football world go to pieces.  

Saturday's loss hurt.  No doubt about it.  But it didn't end a season.  

Oklahoma needs to stay focused and prepare for each game as if they were still No. 1.  Every team that they play will be doing the same.